Phil Lashley has been in high demand as a teacher since 1990. Phil welcomes students five-years of age and older, all styles and levels.

Students will begin learning basic concepts such as:

  • Tuning
  • Playing Position
  • Musical Symbols
  • Notes in First Position
  • C, G, G7, D, D7, A7, and Em Chords
  • Strumming and Picking Patterns. 

 As students progress they will learn:

  • Am, Dm, A, E, F, and B7 Chords
  • Power Chords
  • Fingerstyle Guitar
  • Scales 
  • Improvising
  • Tablature  
  • Notes in Second Position       

 More advanced skills include:

  • Major, Minor, Pentatonic and Chromatic Scales
  • Barre Chords 
  • Travis Picking
  • Drop D Tuning 
  • Movable Scales
  • Notes in Fifth Position
  • Slides, Hammer-ons, Pull-offs
  • String Bends
  • Chord construction           

Students may use acoustic, classical or electric guitars. The skills mentioned above cover a wide array of guitar styles, allowing the student to decide what style they want to focus on.

These styles may include:

  • Rock 
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Fingerstyle
  • Classical

Mr. Lashley encourages his students to perform at student recitals in which they can share their talents and express themselves through music. Recitals are held at different times through out the year. Anyone interested in lessons with Mr. Lashley should contact him via email. Information on fees, lesson times and the private studio policy will be made available. Lesson are at his studio in Noblesville, IN. 46062, or online, via Skype or zoom.